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Jävla helvetes skräp (WP)

Har nu suttit med ONE-supporten över en timma för att lösa min blogg på Dom lyckas inte, o dom ska jobba där. Jag lokaliserade felet före dom t om men ändå.... 
Jaja.. har ju denna... Behöver väl inte 440 bloggar men hade över 6000 läsare där. well. 

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Me and my BFF


#today pics on King

Pictures from today, spent it all with my BFF.  . Here is some uptodate daily pictures. 
King 👑  Chihuahua korthårig.  Hane. 

Lyckades få bild med innerkameran,.... 

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Same name on Instagram: @hennkish
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My Samsung Galaxy S9 (Exynos) <starlte>

Rooted with LightROM. 
Using Termux on my Android 9.0 
So who cares about the new laws regarding crypted app (Swedish Police can now see all crypted Apps like wickr Viber WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram etc. 
But if you use like jabber "xmpp" + Tor and you're totally safe.  All links goes to Androids Google Play ▶ Store. 
Also ProtonMail + tor
Register free Jabber account at,, - It's free and you don't have to enter either mail or phone number.  Only Login  & Password. 
Then download an jabber client. As Xabber, yaxim
Login with that username and pw you chose when you registered your jabber account. 
There you go. For be more safe I recommend that you root your mobile phone 📱.  You need Odin, a twrp recovery and a custom ROM/Kernel for your phone. 
Google is your friend! And there you go. "How to be safe on the Internet @April 2020// KARMA.ST

My Card 💳

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Småstadens braigheter.

Nej, det är inget riktigt ord. Här går snacket som en kanonkula kul med uppslutning med trevliga människor for once.
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Sommar i Sverige 2019

Sitter här på bryggan och hör hur vattnet skvalpar mot berget. 
It's all good 👌 med andra ord. 

Ord blir överflödigt här kommer lite bilder istället.

Lite smått om vad jag sysslar med nu.


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Drugs, so?

Now when I have Methadone in my system I'm ok  again, thats it, no euphoria at all, only make me NOT sick. 
It's a Moment 22 problem and a huge problem, you become a slave to society beacuse it's the state who pay huge amount for every client.. Cash is king 👑 Unfortunately even by the government. They hate us, want us locked down. We are the Bastards who heck them and will do rest of my life.. 
A good cop is a dead cop That's a saying quote i like  very much! 
Ok nuff for now. 
So long! m


In my mind there was Saturday yesterday - Sunday today..
I see myself defeated - it's Monday all day long..
 Which of course mean that I missed "Kvibergs Marknad". It's like a open market where you can buy everything from Schampo to AK47..Any tips how to create a counter to a specific date? I'll look in to that right now! 



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