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Should you get rid off your subscribtion AT but still have Spotify premium with all it feauteres??

THAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW. Do it like this ° End your subscribtion AT ° Uninstall the official Spotify App. ° Pay The developer a *ONE-TIME-FEE* $20. ° You'll revieve a link to your personal download page for this totally legiy, but modified app. ° It will ask if you want to download ******.APK - Yes you will - Press Ok & Install. ° Login with your old l/p, every playlists Will be there. NOW YOU HAVE SPOTIFY PREMIUM 4 LIFE 4 FREE! The $20 goes directly to the developer and his team. IT TAKES ABOUT 5MIN AND YOU'LL HAVE SPOTIFY4LIFE4FREE BUTWITHFULLPREMIUM! Go look at and you can see proof of it existens and how it really looks... THE SAME SD YOU SHOULD PAY $20/MONTH OR WHAT IT IS. Music 🎵🎵🎵 SHALL BE FREE FOR EVERYONE! HKO GROUP ® ™ has started a favor4favor with this developers and we thank you all sincerrally. WE WILL SEND YOUR PERSONAL URL TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP. We can actually see if the app for example 'Freddie' plats from differens