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April 2, 2020

How to be safe @April 2020

Who cares about the new laws regarding crypted app (Swedish Police can now see all crypted Apps like wickr Viber WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram etc. 

But if you use like jabber "xmpp" + Tor and you're totally safe. 
All links goes to Androids Google Play ▶ Store. 

 Tor. + Jabber

Register free Jabber account at,,, - Pick one. 
- It's free and you don't have to enter either mail or phone number. 
Only Login & Password. 

Then download an jabber client. As Xabber, yaxim, Bruno

In yaxim & Bruno you can register account directly in the app. Remember that you only can use small letters in your username. Like: username@... NOT Username@....

Login with that username and pw you chose when you registered your jabber account. 

(,,,, Bruno App, Yax App) 

No difference if you chose, or in the Bruno or Yax apps. 

You use whatever account you registered '' ''

But why Jabber? Beacuse Wickr, Signal, WhatsApp etc are common use and of big interest of Police. 
Jabber they can't see jack shit!
That's all, let's summary everything in easy steps. 
  • Download Tor
  • Download Bruno
  • Register account in Bruno. 
  • Login 
  • ✅ Done! 
There you go!
For be more safe I recommend that you root your mobile phone 📱. 
You need Odin, a twrp recovery and a custom ROM/Kernel for your phone. 

- Google is your friend. I recommend 'xda-developers' for rooting guides.

root: You unlock 🔓 your phone. it means for example you can disable GPS in the core, change IMEI on your phone. There's alot of tweaking apps to use with root. 
And it installs a Linux based kernel on your phone. 
Linux is crypted as it is already. So with Tor you're totally safe 
Tor will make your connection go thrue several different countrys and hundreds of IP's. 
No one can see what you do when using tor. 

I use Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos starlte with LightROM:

My Phone:

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