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Drugs, so?

Now when I have Methadone in my system I'm ok  again, thats it, no euphoria at all, only make me NOT sick.  It's a Moment 22 problem and a huge problem, you become a slave to society beacuse it's the state who pay huge amount for every client..  Cash is king 👑  Unfortunately even by the government.  They hate us, want us locked down. We are the Bastards who heck them and will do rest of my life..  A good cop is a dead cop  That's a saying quote i like  very much!  O k nuff for now.  So long!  m


In my mind there was Saturday yesterday - Sunday today.. I see myself defeated - it's Monday all day long..  Which of course mean that I missed "Kvibergs Marknad".  It's like a open market where you can buy everything from Schampo to AK47.. Any tips how to create a counter to a specific date? I'll look in to that right now!  //  

Miss. Little Lilly

Little  Lilly   is back 🔙!